Keynote Speaker

Keynote Panel of Global Researchers

Pr. Luxin Yang, Beijiing Foreign Studies University

Pr. ShiJing Xu, University of Windsor

Pr. Dragana Martinovic, University of Windsor

Pr. Nombuso Dlamini, York University & South Africa

Pr. Frank Rennie, University of the Highlands and Islands, Scotland


Pr. Luxin Yang is the Professor of Applied Linguistics at the National Research Centre for Foreign Language Education and Associate Dean of Graduate School of Education at Beijing Foreign Studies University in China. Her research interests include foreign language teacher education, second language writing, and academic literacy development. She was a Co-Applicant and Co-Leader with Dr. Shijing Xu for the Language Education Research Team in the Canada–China Partnership Grant Project, Reciprocal Learning in Teacher Education and School Education between Canada and China, and she was a Collaborator in two of Dr. Xu’s earlier SSHRC funded projects.

Pr. Shijing Xu is Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in International and Intercultural Reciprocal Learning in Education and Professor in the Faculty of Education, University of Windsor. She has co-directed, with Dr. Michael Connelly at OISE/UT, the SSHRC Partnership Grant fostering reciprocal learning in teacher education and school education between Canada and China. The partnership has involved 4 Chinese and 4 Canadian partners, engaging than 40 Canadian and Chinese schools. She has worked collaboratively with Dr. Luxin Yang at Beijing Foreign Studies University in several SSHRC Projects. Her research covers second language education, teacher education, and comparative and international education.

Pr. Dragana Martinović

Dragana Martinović is a Professor of Mathematics Education at University of Windsor, where she leads the Human Development Technologies Research Group. A Fellow of the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences and a Co-Director of the newly organized Fields Centre for Mathematics Education, Martinović is a recipient of the Excellence in Mentoring Award and on the Executive for the Mathematics Knowledge Network, hosted by the Fields Centre for Mathematics Education. She currently co-chairs the Mathematics Leadership Community of Practice (since 2016) and the Fields Cognitive Science Network for Empirical Study of Mathematics and How it is Learned, and is a founding and current co-editor of the Springer book series, Mathematics Education in the Digital Era, and Editor-in-Chief of the Fields Mathematics Education Journal. Martinović has also organized multiple knowledge mobilization events, such as international conferences related to research in mathematics education, and regional Research-to-Practice festivals and Learning Fairs, featuring teachers as researchers, and celebrating the process and the outcomes of collaborative inquiry in Ontario.

Pr. S. Nombuso Dlamini

S. Nombuso Dlamini is Associate Professor, Faculty of Education at York University. She is known for her youth-based projects, including the 2018 Youth in Politics ( funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education. She served as the Jean Augustine Chair, York University after her tenure as Research Leadership Chair, University of Windsor. Dlamini’s research focuses on youth activism, youth identities; and on gender experiences of Canada’s racialized populations, and has spearheaded interdisciplinary projects in Sub-Saharan Africa including a SSHRC-funded project in Tanzania, (2008 – continues to date with the support of U of Windsor), which is designed to enhance teachers’ capacities in serving marginalized children in the global south. Dlamini’s publications include the acclaimed Youth and Identity Politics in South Africa

and the 2021 co-edited volume, Global Citizenship Education: Challenges and Successes

Pr. Frank Rennie

Frank Rennie is Professor of Sustainable Rural Development at the University of the Highlands and Islands in Scotland and Assistant Principal at Lews Castle College UHI. Initially a geologist, he tutors on the online MSc in Sustainable Rural Development and also the MSc Digital Pedagogy, as well as supervising research students. His main research interests lie in new approaches to online education and the potential benefits of digital networking for sustainable rural development. He has been an advisor to several government bodies and is a Fellow of six learned societies. Frank has been involved in developing and delivering various combinations of distributed learning and Open Educational Resources (particularly networked digital solutions for rural areas) with a wide range of international partners. He has published a diverse range of resources related to rural issues, including over 30 books and e-textbooks. Further details at Contact [email protected] or follow @frankrennie on Twitter